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Long Lane

Long Lane village in Derbyshire, is approximately 6 miles north west of Derby off the A52, and set on the old Roman road bearing the same name. It has a very rural setting and is not much more than a cluster of cottages, a village school that serves the local farming community, a church and a pub.

Christ Church in Long Lane was built in the early 1860`s along with the school. Some of the small farms in the area have stopped operating and their buildings have been used for barn conversions.

The Three Horseshoes Inn is an extensive building, dating back to 1750. It was formerly a grain store, where ale was brewed for the adjacent blacksmith. The pub is unusual in that it is owned by Long Lane village itself. It was theatened with closure a few years ago, so a group of customers averted the danger by clubbing together and buying it.


Trusley is a small but extremely attractive village, but difficult to find and difficult to park when you get there.It was mentioned in the domesday book as being a manor belonging to Henry de Ferrers and there has undoubtedly been a village here since those times.

Most of one side of the village is occupied by the little church, called All Saints, Trusley Old Hall and the Old Manor House. Both the 2 houses were built by the Coke family, who still live at the Old Hall. Part of the manor house was demolished and the rest was converted into 4, 3 storey maisonettes after the family had decided it was too large for their needs. A small portion of the Old Hall remains from Elizabethan times, most notably a massive chimney and a detached summer house with a pyramidal roof. These are probably the oldest structures in the village.

All Saints is a small brick church, dating from 1713. It is in the Queen Anne style, with a low west tower and a scrolled stone pediment over the west door. Its box pews, triple decker pulpit, communion rails and font are all original.

Christ Church
Christ Church
Former Wesleyan Chapel
Former Wesleyan Chapel
The Three Horseshoes Inn
Three Horseshoes Inn

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