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Great Hucklow

Great Hucklow in Derbyshire and the Peak District is a small, ancient lead mining village situated 6 miles to the north of Bakewell. The original settlement was probably influenced by its position at the junction of limestone and shale, where spring waters often emerge.

There is evidence of human occupation in these parts since prehistoric times and just north of the village at Burr Tor is the site of an ancient Iron Age fort. Lead had been mined in these parts since the 11th century and Greaty Hucklow was a busy lead mining centre up to the end of the 19th century. Today, fluorspar, a bye product discarded by old lead miners as waste, is extracted on a large scale providing work for local people.

Great Hucklow was once noted for its theatre company, created by Dr L.Du. Garde Peach, a local author and playwright. The Hucklow Players entertained people from a wide area with their classic productions, which were often planned to coincide with a full moon so that, both audience and players had light to walk home by. The performances continued for 40 years until the death of its creator, by which time the problem was not low audiences but not enough people to cast. The newer building that they used, is now a Scouts centre for visiting groups.

The village has a population of around a hundred inhabitants, a school built in 1873, 2 small chapels and a hall dating from the 17th century.

Camphill, near Hucklow Edge is home to the Derbyshire and Lancashire gliding club, founded in 1934. Spectators are admitted to the viewing enclosure and a car park and other amenities are provided for. In the summer months the club runs courses for people wishing to sample the sport.

Little Hucklow is a small hamlet that was also once the scene of much mining activity, with considerable remains of old shafts, gravel hillocks and rakes still surrounding the village. The Bull's Head pub contains a good collection of mining relics.

The Nightingale Holiday & Conference Centre sleeps up to 67. It can accommodate individuals and groups. A walkers' paradise on the boundary of the Dark and White Peak. It offers fabulous food, spacious gardens, children's play area, a sports field and table tennis. Close to many attractions. See www.thenightingalecentre.org.uk

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The Queens Arms
The Nightingale Centre
The Nightingale Centre

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