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Derbyshire Artists

Llewelyn Jewitt 1816 - 1886

Llewelyn Jewitt, illustrator and engraver, was born at Kimberworth, Rotherham, on November 24th 1816, the seventeenth child of school master Arthur Jewitt and his wife Martha. Two years later the family moved to Duffield in Derbyshire where he received his education, largely from his father.

Jewitt worked with the engraver F.W. Fairholt, illustrating the publications of Charles Knight, and contributing to the Pictorial Times and the Illustrated London News. For a time he had management of the illustrations in Punch.

In 1849 he became the chief librarian of Plymouth Public Library before returning to Derbyshire in 1853 where he edited the Derby Telegraph, and in 1860 founded the antiquarian magazine 'The Reliquary' which he edited until his death.

He was a member of the British Archaeological Association and a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, and he became a prolific writer on English antiquities and topography. He was the editor to the '1872 Black's Guide to Derbyshire', a tourist guide to 'It's Town's, Watering-Places, Dales & Mansions'. His most memorable achievement was, however, The Ceramic Art of Great Britain, published in 1878 but which had teken 20 years to compile.

Jewitt died at The Hollies, Duffield on June 5 1886.

Laura Knight 1877 - 1970

Recognised as one of the outstanding womaen artists of the 20th century, Laura Knight was born in Long Eaton, Derbyshire. Published an autobiography called 'Oil Paint and Grease' in 1936, she was made an official war artist at the commencement of WW2 and commissioned to paint the trials of war criminals held at Nuremberg.

Louis Laguerre 1663 - 1720

Louis Laguerre was born at Versailles, a godson of the French King, Louis XIV. A baroque history painter on ceilings and walls, in a career spanning many years, he decorated many English houses, including Chatsworth, Sudbury and Blenheim. At Sudbury in the Great Hall is his mural 'An Allegory of Industry and Idleness'.

Henry Moore 1776 - 1848

Henry Moore, an accomplished topographical painter and etcher, was born in Derby. In 1802 he painted 'Derby from Little Chester' which was much copied by illustrators and china painters.

He recieved a medal from the Society of Arts for the technique he devised of etching onto Ashford Black Marble. Moore taught at Derby school for a period and in 1833 illustrated and published a series of guide books on Derbyshire and the Peak District including 'picturesque Ecursions from Derby and Matlock Bath.

Louisa Raynor 1832 - 1924

Louisa Raynor was born in Matlock, third daughter of the Derby and London artist Samuel Raynor who was a skilled engraver on Black Marble using a technique invented by Henry Moore of Derby. Louisa was brought up in Derby but moved with the family to London, maintaining contacts with Derbyshire throughout her life. Painted landscapes, churches, old buildings and street scenes, first in oils but soon changing to watercolours. Exhibited at the Royal Academy.

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Painting called Dovedale by Moonlight, by Joseph Wright
Dovedale by Joseph Wright

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