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Wolfscote Dale

Wolfscote Dale lies between the leafy charm of Beresford Dale and the Derbyshire gem of Dovedale.

Leaving Beresford Dale, the valley opens up into low lying meadow, permitting wider views before resuming its progress through the limestone canyon. Here by a ford, legend has it that the last wolf that roamed the area was killed. The boundary between Beresford and Wolfscote dales is marked by a footbridge.

A rocky profusion of pinnacles and massive outcrops dominates the cascading grassy slopes. The abrupt magnitude of the dale reaches its peak between the high masses of Gratton and Wolscote Hills. Gratton Hill rises to 1194ft and Wolfscote to even higher at 1272ft. The scene is diversified by long srees, the occasional cave and the sparse tree coverage clinging to the tors and crevices.

Tiny semi alpine flowers cling to the crevices in the limestone crags and there is a constant cascade of bird song.

Rushing over a series of weirs, the river makes evasive manoevers, zig zagging along before finally arriving at Lode Mill from where it keeps company with the road as far as Milldale.

A side valley, called Biggin Dale is equally as rugged but dry, and leads to the village of Biggin with its cattle market and pub.

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Wolfscote Dale
Wolfscote Dale
entrance to wolfscote dale
Wolfscote Dale
wolfscote dale near biggin dale
Wolfscote Dale

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