Stanage Edge in DerbyshireStanage Edge in Derbyshire


Stanage Edge in Derbyshire - a mecca for climbers

Stanage Edge, situated on the moors north of Hathersage in the Derbyshire Peak District, is a gritstone escarpment famous as a location for climbing and walking. Once a private grouse moor Stanage Edge has now become a mecca for climbers because of its many varied climbs.

Stanage Edge stretches for a length of approximately 4 miles from its northern tip at Stanage End to the southern point near the Cowper Stone and is the northernmost of an almost continuous line of cliffs, including Burbage Rocks, Froggatt Edge, Curbar Edge, Baslow Edge and Birchen Edge. It is crossed by Long Causeway, the old Roman road from Navio (Brough) to Doncaster. A paved packhorse road ran along the top of the edge, and remains of it can still be seen. seen

The high point of the main edge is at High Neb at 458 metres above sea level, which lies near the north end. The edge is made of one of the finer gritstones and is therefore ideal for rock-climbing and on a fine day climbers flock here. Sections of the edge have been given colourful names like Mississippi Buttress, Robin Hood's Cave, Marble Wall, Crow Chin, Goliath's Groove, The Tower, The Unconquerables and Black Hawk.

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Stanage Edge
Stanage Edge
Stanage Edge
Stanage Edge - Grouse hole

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