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Pilsley is a compact village, standing on a hill looking over to the moors and limestone edges of Derbyshire.

Pilsley has some pretty 18th and early 19th century cottages, a school, a post office and a pub called the Devonshire Arms.

Pilsley also has a large farm shop owned by the Chatsworth Estate, which sells its own high quality produce, ranging from baked loaves to prime beef and game reared or shot on the estate. Here there are also some workshops engaged in upholstery, ceramics and art design among other crafts. The school was built to a design by Joseph Paxton, head gardener at Chatsworth, in 1849 and is the heart of the village. It was enlarged to take in more children when the village school at Beeley closed down.

The old chapel has been turned into a village room. For services most people go to the church at Edensor. Only 12 new houses have been erected in recent years. The hamlets of Calton Lees and Dunse are closeby. Calton Lees has a large garden centre.

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