Peveril Castle at Castleton

Peveril Castle at Castleton

is perched on a high hill above the village of Castleton. Open daily April to September 10:00-6:00pm, October 10:00-5:00pm. Wednesday to Sunday, November to March 10:00-4:00pm. Car parking is in the village.

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The Celts were the first peple to settle in the Castleton area. On Mam Tor, also known as the shivering mountain, are the remains of a Celtic hill fort on summit, an enclosure of 16 acres at an altitude of 1700ft. The Celts were displaced by the Romans who started mining the rich lead viens, bringing prosperity to the area. Shortly after 1066, William the Conquerer started building castles all over the country and the one at Castleton was given to his son, William Peveril in 1086, and so became Peveril Castle. The keep was added later, in 1176. It never saw battle and was occupied as a dwelling until 1480. The village grew up under the protection of the castle.

Peveril Castle at Castleton

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