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Locko Hall and Park

Locko Hall and park is situated only afew miles from Derby City Centre near Spondon, and has been in the ownership of the Drury-Lowe family since 1746. William Emes was responsible for the park design following a visit in 1792, though the actual work was undertaken by his partner John Webb. The driveway curves around the 16 acre lake, at the end of which one gets the first glimpse of the house across a level area containing fine specimen trees and conifers.

The house has strong Italianate features. The oldest part is the chapel which dates from 1669 while the core of the present house was built during the first half of the 18th century. The tower and other italian features represent the taste of William Drury-Lowe who died in 1877. Between 1840 and 1865 he made many visits to Italy and became obsessed with the art and architecture of that country, bringing back to England some 300 important works of art. In the 1850's he commissioned Henry Stevens, a local architect to embellish Locko in the Italian style, many of the additions and alterations being made for the sole purpose of housing the pictures.

Locko Park was for a long time, not one of better known houses in Derbyshire, probably because it was closed to the public. It does now hold open days.

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locko hall

Locko lake

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Locko lake

locko park lake
Locko Hall

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