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Holmewood is situated four miles south of Chesterfield and one and a half miles from Junction 29 of the Ml. A former mining village, Holmewood has a population of approximately 4,000 inhabitants.

With the modernisation of the local colliery there was need for a larger workforce, so a colliery village was built. Between 1901 and 1911 the Williamthorpe Wood opposite the railway station, which was on the Great Central Railway (later LNER) on the route between London and Aberdeen, was gradually turned into the village of Holmewood, hence its name. Holmewood was dominated by the pit, residents being mainly miners and their families.

Due to lack of resources the colliery was closed in 1968. This closure, together with four other local collieries, and the withdrawal of railway services, left a legacy of derelict land. This has been carefully reclaimed by the County Council to provide, together with associated woodland meadows, the 'Five Pits Trail' which includes very pleasant walks and a haven for wildlife. In the case of Holmewood there are also two sites for light industries, bringing much needed employment into the area. In earlier days there was a church mission, two chapels, a Salvation Army hall and a cinema in the village. Sadly all these have closed due to lack of interest, with the exception of the church mission, which is still used today for worship.

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