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Hollinsclough is a small, picturesque Peak District village, situated about 4 miles south of Buxton in the upper Dove valley. It is a stone built village, set amid some splendid unspoit limestone scenery.

Closeby are Crome Hill and Parkhouse, both reef limestone hills that rise gracefully to quite steep peaks, giving them an appearence of mountains, especially when viewed from the south. Three hundred million years ago, Crome was a reef in a shallow sea.

Hollinsclough had a thriving silk weaving cottage industry back in the 18th century. The material was transported by pack horse to the silk mills at Macclesfield and several of the old pack horse bridges remain in the area.

Hollinsclough has a Weslyan chapel marked Bethel 1801 and an unusual church with an attached house under the same roof. There is still a thriving school, situated behind its 19th century predecessor, the Frank Wheldon School, an imposing building topped with a wooden 'dove-cote' bell tower which once summoned the children from outlying farms to school. It is now an outdoor centre.

The village has a thriving community association intent on keeping many of its folk memories and traditions alive.

The river Dove widens as it reaches Hollinsclough. It then flows south of Crome and Parkhouse before passing High Wheeldon with its cave that has yielded stone age remains. Artefacts found here are exhibited in Buxton museum.

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house in hollinsclough
House in hollinsclough
Hollinsclough Chapel
Hollinsclough Chapel
Hollinsclough former schoolhouse
Former schoolhouse"
Hollinsclough school
Hollinsclough school

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