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Guide to Haddon Hall in 2017

2017 Haddon Hall Opening dates

Usuually open from Easter onwards for at least part of the week then daily from May to September.

Please check for latest details at Haddon Hall 2017

Each Christmas Lord Edward Manners opens the doors of his magical home to offer a truly unique experience. Haddon glows with traditional decoration and lighting. There are open fires, Tudor music and the very best of festive hospitality – the atmosphere is enchanting.

Haddon Hall is one of England’s finest examples of a medieval manor house and a stunning English Tudor and country house in Derbyshire. Home to the Manners Family, Haddon Hall dates mostly from the 14th and 15th centuries. Originally owned by the descendants of William the Conqueror’s illegitimate son, Peverel, it was passed through marriage to the Manners family, later to become Dukes of Rutland, in whose possession it has remained. Haddon Hall remained closed and empty for a period of 200 years until brought to life by the 9th Duke of Rutland in the 1920`s. It contains a magnificent Banqueting Hall and an oak panelled Long Gallery, 110ft in length and 17ft wide. This many windowed room has diamond panes set at different angles to maximise the amount of daylight entering.

Haddon Hall has a magnificent collection of English, Flemish and French tapestries, a small remainder of a once far larger collection decimated by fire in 1925. The most important in the collection are five early 17th century English tapestries which may have once belonged to King Charles I.

The kitchen complex is one of the most fascinating parts of haddon hall. There are wooden blocks, work surfaces, through which holes have been worn by constant chopping and pounding, a no frills hunk of oak that served as a chopping block, a well equipped bakery and butchery. Originally there were no windows here and little ventilation, the staff working by candlelight. The 9th Duke left this area as he found it, converting the former stables into a modern kitchen for family use and constructed a 47 yard underground tunnel for their meals to be delivered up to the hall.

The chapel, completed in 1427, is notable for it's remarkable wall paintings.

Over recent years Haddon Hall has provided a popular location for film and television productions. These include the feature films “Elizabeth” and “Jane Eyre”, and television productions “The Prince and the Pauper” and “Moll Flanders”. In March 2008 sees the arrival at the cinema of another period drama and potential blockbuster movie called The Other Boleyn Girl. The film is partly set in the Derbyshire Peak District with scenes shot in and around North Lees Hall at Hathersage, Haddon Hall, Cavedale, and Dovedale.
The film stars Scarlett Johansson as Mary Boleyn and Natalie Portman as her ill-fated sister Anne.

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