Derbyshire Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs)

There are over 80 Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) in Derbyshire, England. These Sites of Special Scientific Interest are some of Derbyshire's very best wildlife and geological sites and include some of our most spectacular and beautiful habitats.

It is essential to preserve our remaining natural heritage for future generations. Wildlife and geological features are under pressure from development, pollution, climate change and unsustainable land management. SSSIs are important as they support plants and animals that find it more difficult to survive in the wider countryside. Protecting and managing SSSIs is a shared responsibility, and an investment for the benefit of future generations.

Cromford Canal
Cromford Canal
Hilton Gravel Pits
Hilton Gravel Pits
Hilton Gravel Pits

Abney & Bretton Cloughs
Ambergate And Ridgeway Quarries
Bage Mine
Baileycroft Quarry
Ballidon Dale
Bee's Nest And Green Clay Pits
Bonsall Leys
Boulton Moor
Bradwell Dale And Bagshaw Cavern
Bradwell Meadows
Breadsall Railway Cutting
Calke Park
Calton Hill
Carver's Rocks
Cawdor Quarry
Chatsworth Old Park
Chrome And Parkhouse Hills
Clough Woods
Colehill Quarries
Combs Reservoir
Coombs Dale
Crabtree Wood
Cressbrook Dale
Creswell Crags
Cromford Canal
Dale Quarry
Dark Peak
Dirtlow Rake And Pindale
Doe Lea Stream Section
Dove Valley And Biggin Dale
Duchy Quarry
Duckmanton Railway Cutting
Eastern Peak District Moors
Fall Hill Quarry
Fox Hole Cave
Gang Mine
Ginny Spring,whitwell Wood
Goyt Valley
Green Lane Pits
Harewood Grange Stream Section
Hilton Gravel Pits
Hipley Hill
Hollinhill And Markland Grips
Hulland Moss
Jumble Coppice
Kedleston Park
Kirkham's Silica Sandpit
Lathkill Dale
Lee Farm Meadow, Tideswell
Leek Moors
Long Dale & Gratton Dale
Long Dale, Hartington
Longstone Moor
Ludworth Intake
Masson Hill
Matlock Woods
Mercaston Marsh And Muggington Bottoms
Monk's Dale
Morley Brick Pits
Moss Valley
Moss Valley Meadows
Moss Valley Woods
Ogston Reservoir
Oxlow Rake
Parwich Moor
Poole's Cavern And Grin Low Wood
Portway Mine
River Derwent At Hathersage
River Mease
Rose End Meadows
Rowlee Bridge
Shining Cliff Woods
Stoney Middleton Dale
The Wye Valley
Ticknall Quarries
Tideslow Rake
Toddbrook Reservoir
Topley Pike And Deepdale
Upper Lathkill
Via Gellia Woodlands
Waterswallow's Quarry
Wyns Tor
Yarncliff Wood, Padley

Derbyshire National Nature Reserves

Derbyshire Local Nature Reserves

Please visit the English Nature website for more information on Sites of Special Scientific Interest, Local Nature Reserves and National Nature Reserves.

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