History of Derby Cinema

The Derby Guide - History of Cinema in Derby

Victoria Electric Theatre/Empire/Black Prince on Becketwell Lane
First opened:10th October 1910
Closed:14th March 1960
Last Film:"Golden Age of Comedy"

Normanton Picture House on Dairy House Road/Princes Street
First opened:24th March 1913
Closed:11th July 1959
Last Film:"The Heart of the Matter"

Cosmo Cinema on Upper Boundary Road
First opened:10th December 1925
Closed:23rd May 1959
Last Film:"The Love Match"

Midland Electric Theatre/Picture House/Ritz on Babington Lane
First opened:27th July 1910
Closed:27th August 1960
Last Film:"Green More's Nest"

Spot Cinema on St Peter's Street, The Spot
First opened:15th September 1910
Closed:5th May 1917
Last Film: "Undie"

Alvaston Cinema/Rex on London Road
First opened:2nd March 1925
Closed:22nd October 1966
Last Film:"Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"

The Popular Cinema on Mill Street
First opened:16th August 1928
Closed:15th March 1958
Last Film:"The Last Wagon"

Allenton Cinema/Broadway on Stamford Street
First opened:17th December 1928
Closed:24th September 1960
Last Film:"Tommy the Toreador"

Hippodrome Cinema on Green Lane
First opened:15th September 1930
Closed:28th October 1950
Last Film:"Blanche Fury"

The Coliseum Cinema on London Road
First opened:4th April 1934
Closed:12th August 1961
Last Film:"Orders are Orders"

Gaumont Palace/Odeon/ABC Trocadero/Cannon on London Road
First opened:17th September 1934
Closed:5th May 1983
Last Film:"Willow"

The Alexandra Electric Theatre/Alex on Normanton Road/Hartington Street
First opened:6th October 1913
Closed:31st May 1953
Last Film:"Pimpernel Smith"

Cosy/Picture House/Forum/Cameo on London Road
First opened:18th December 1913
Closed:26th September 1959
Last Film:"The Day of the Badman"

White Hall/Odeon on St Peter's Street
First opened:14th December 1914
Closed:1st May 1965
Last Film:"Tom Jones"

Cavendish Cinema on Upperdale Road
First opened:28th December 1937
Closed:19th December 1960
Last Film:"Sons and Lover"

Majestic Cinema on Wiltshire Road, Chaddesden
First opened:14th April 1938
Closed:28th April 1962
Last Film:"Fanny"

Regal Cinema/A.B.C on East Street
First opened:27th June 1938 Closed:14th July 1984 Last Film:"That's Entertainment"

The Gloria Cinema/Essoldo/Lucky 7/Ladbroke's Film Centre on Nottingham Road, Chaddesden
First opened:21st November 1938
Closed:31st December 1982
Last Film:"Herbie Goes Back"

Superama Cinema/Odeon Pennine on Colyear Street
First opened:9th February 1967
Closed:31st October 1975
Last Film:"Tommy"







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