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Cutthorpe is a small, sleepy village approximately four miles north-west of Chesterfield with a village school, a butcher's shop and a small post office/grocery store, three public houses and two historic halls. It forms part of the pleasant parish of Brampton with the main road straggling through the village for three miles, reaching the Grange at its highest point, with commanding views all around.

The family living in Cutthorpe Hall before 1614 was the Beresford family who rented from the Foljambe family. In 1614 Cutthorpe Hall was purchased by the Heathcote family who retained ownership until 1846 when it was sold to John Brown, land agent for the Rodes of Barlborough family. 'The Old Manor House' was one of the first houses to be built in Cutthorpe in 1417 and was probably known as Jeynelands, added onto by Ralph Clarke in 1626. Ralph Clarke's daughter Lydia married George Heathcote of Cutthorpe Hall in 1660. The main building consists of three storeys, with a staircase in an attached wing.

Former industries include coal mining, besom and basket- making. The old custom of well-dressing has been revived, held annually in July. The small village institute is used for a variety of activities.

There is also a Methodist chapel - over 150 years old - where a small band of regular worshippers meet, the Sunday school, and also a ladies' choir, whose members regularly entertain in different churches in nearby parishes.

Cutthorpe boasts a recreation ground, with a good local cricket team, and a Sunday football team.

A history of the village can be found in a book entitled 'The History of Cutthorpe Village ' part II by Judith Stubbs. Copies are available both in Newbould Library and Chesterfield Library.

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